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From Passion to Paycheck Your Ultimate Guide to Thriving as a Makeup Artist

From Passion to Paycheck Your Ultimate Guide to Thriving as a Makeup Artist

Aleksandra Pinneri

July 1, 2023

From Passion to Pay check Your Ultimate Guide to Thriving as a Makeup Artist in 2024

Do you recall that flutter of nervous excitement when you first entered your makeup school? Eager to experiment on a range of faces, you were pumped to master those stunning makeup looks you’d endlessly scrolled through on Instagram or binge-watched on YouTube. And oh, the anticipation of soon turning that passion into paid gigs, with clients seeking out YOU specifically for your artistry. The future was full of promise!

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Fast forward to today. You’ve nailed the smokey eye, your winged liner is on point, you’re in tune with every trend, and perhaps there’s even a diploma now showcasing your makeup expertise. But here’s the burning question: But… where’s the chapter on making it BIG in the real world as a freelance makeup artist?

Let’s have a heart-to-heart, makeup artist to makeup artist. Have you ever noticed how many makeup courses drill down on the techniques but barely touch upon the business side of things? I mean, the essential stuff that fills our calendars with clients and our inboxes with exciting opportunities. It’s a bit like being given a gorgeous makeup palette but no brushes to paint with.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Those skills you’ve honed? Absolute gold. But here’s a little secret: Mastering the technique is only half the battle. The other half understanding how to run your own makeup artistry business. It’s about safety, organisation, managing your finances, and leveraging the power of digital platforms. It’s this business acumen, or sometimes the lack of it, that can determine whether a makeup artist gets to live out their dream career or eventually hangs up their brushes because the bookings just aren’t consistent enough to sustain a full-time career.

Navigating this industry for 18 years (believe me, I’ve painted countless faces!) has given me some unique insights. It became clear that there was a missing link—a space where artists could polish their skills and also acquire the knowledge to turn those skills into a flourishing business. This very realisation and my passion for collaborative creativity is what birthed my brand, Unveil the Beauty where I have a team of artists working alongside of me and together we run a very successful bridal business which has won us numerous awards. There’s something incredibly enriching about working alongside fellow artists. The shared insights, the camaraderie when one’s feeling under the weather, or when navigating the intricate dance of business challenges—it’s all a shared journey.

This spirit of collaboration and growth led to the creation of The Business to Beauty Academy. This isn’t just a school—it’s a haven. A place where we merge the finesse of makeup artistry with the nitty-gritty of business. And oh, don’t get it twisted—it’s every bit as vibrant and captivating as a glitter eyeshadow palette! Visualize it as your canvas, where every lesson adds a bold stroke, painting a future as vivid as your wildest dreams. Being a creative myself, I understand the challenges, especially when our imaginative brains wander a little too far. That’s where the beauty of mentorship shines through, keeping us grounded, focused, and always inspired!

Having been on this rollercoaster ride for 18 years (yes, that’s a LOT of faces I know!), I felt a pull in my heart to bridge this gap of technical skills vs business skills for freelance makeup artists. I envisioned a space where artists like us could not only refine our makeup skills but also learn how to turn those skills into a legit, thriving business. It’s what I needed when I started and longed for- the idea of working together, which is a part of the reason why I formed my team under the Unveil the Beauty umbrella of my business. Here, I’m blessed with a talented team of artists. Together, we’ve sculpted a highly successful bridal business, receiving numerous accolades along the way. There’s something uniquely fulfilling about working side by side with fellow creatives—sharing insights, supporting each other through the inevitable ups and downs, and jointly navigating the intricate world of business. It truly is a collective adventure.

That’s precisely why I founded The Business to Beauty Academy. I aim to shed light on the realities of our industry and assist those genuinely determined to elevate their business. This academy stands apart—it’s not just about learning; it’s about becoming part of a community, a family. Here, you’ll master the fusion of makeup artistry with business strategy. Believe me, it’s far more riveting than it might initially seem! As a fellow creative, I’m all too familiar with the challenges we face, like being easily distracted or losing focus. That’s where having a mentor becomes invaluable—to guide and keep you grounded.

So, if you’re sitting there thinking, “OMG, this is SO what I need!”, then I’ve got something tailor-made for you. 

Eager to truly soar as a makeup artist?

Join the waitlist HERE for the upcoming intake of my program. And if you’re keen to kickstart your journey, grab my free guide to elevate your business game.

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